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About Our Pest Control Services

GB Pest Management are residential and commercial pest control specialists located in  Birmingham. We specialise in removing and exterminating infestations of rodents, birds and insects. We also offer an in-house specialist birds of prey service.

Whether your problem is bird fouling, aggressive behaviour of rodent infestation or the threat of disease, we deploy a variety of traditional methods as well as modern methods such as deterrents to ensure that pests are no longer a problem to your homes and businesses.


We are authorised and well trained to use Pest Control measures including:


Shooting – Gas Powered Air Rifle – Pigeons, rats, rabbits

Baiting – used at last resort in compliance with CRRU Guidelines

Trapping – live catch traps, Snap Traps

Bird netting – spikes, nets

Falconry – Seagull and pigeon deterrent

Proofing – stopping pest re-entering


We also offer a specialist birds of prey service. This is the use of falcons or hawks to deter nuisance birds such as pigeons. These birds are suited towards city environments with them being highly manoeuvrable making them ideal for city centres and warehouses. Through the threat of the birds, the pests will naturally be deterred from this location and all in a way that is completely natural and highly efficient.


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Noises in the loft? Insects constantly keeping you up at night? Pests are problems that never seem to go away, but it doesn’t have to be that way. GB Pest Management offers a specialist pest control service that can help you get rid of your problem. With our specialist training, your conflict is dealt with in a way that is both avoids harm to local eco systems as well as ensures that your problem does not return.

Rodents are a common problem, and not something you want to be waking up to in the morning, and for that matter- not something you should have to wake up to in the morning. Given that mice can enter buildings through the smallest of gaps or the ability of rats to gnaw their way through almost anything, getting the right help is essential.

Through using a variety of traps, and deterrents we can ensure that your property whether that be commercial or residential is rodent free; so that you, your family and your clients can go about your daily business in a healthy disease free environment.

What’s more is that the odds are in your favour, as most insects prefer a hot climate. This said some have found a way to adapt to the British Isles, but we’re here to help. By tracking the source of your insect problem, we seek to seal of any potential entry points as well as making sure that you’re aware of the steps you can take to prevent your insect problems such as maintaining clean work surfaces and the positioning of stored food.


We Can Help with your Pest Problem.   REACH OUT >